Cooper's Landing



Kiel Grove

Kiel is back with his usual dark humor, unbelievable stories and excellent alternative folk rock music.


Jill Westra and Johnny Fox are back on the river after a long winter bringing their St Louis Bluesey Bluegrass Folk music with them! The featured food truck is Zydecos Cajun Food.

Planet Jazz

Add some class to your night and come listen to some jazz on the river. The featured food truck is Florida Style Chicken and Ribs.

Open Mic hosted by Pippa Letsky

Pippa Letsky is a local guitar and fiddle player performing folk tunes. Bring your instrument and a friend and hit the river for Columbia’s only Saturday afternoon open mic. The featured food truck is Florida Style BBQ Chicken and Ribs.

Dave Lineberry and Dave Coleman: Song Swap

Two different singer/songwriters with two different sounds in one show? These two talented musicians will take turns singing traditional and contemporary folk. The featured food truck is Mr Murphy’s Gourmet Potatoes and Wraps.